Green River to Steamboat Springs 480km – Day 13 Flaming Gorge

Today’s scenery primarily consisted of lots of open roads with long flats and rolling hills with low sage bush, but we were also treated to deep gorges of Flaming gorge in Utah. It was also another three State day – Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado.

Today we spent time exploring the Flaming Gorge in Utah from a number of different perspectives. The colours are quite amazing in the surrounding hills.

Our first real glimpse came from the Sheep Creek Overlook which required a climb up a nice cutting which made for a great bike road.

And then from this overlook we moved onto the Flaming Gorge visitors centre where we had more of an opportunity to walk around and explore this beautiful place.

For perspective that’s a ski boat on the river

Erwing getting the perfect shot

From here it was back on the road and we pretty much hightailed it across into Colorado and onto Steamboat Springs stopping only to refuel and to rest as it was pretty warm.

I must say that I have been struggling with the miles on this trip which is quite strange given that these are only relatively short days compared to what I m used to. However I think there is a combination of factors affecting me – I’m having to concentrate and work harder on this bike as it is a big wobbly barge. And then out on the big open roads where this bike should come into its own I am getting hammered by buffeting which I need to crouch right down under the screen to get some relief. Then on top of that there is the added concentration of riding in a group.

There was a number of road work sites along the way today.

Then by late afternoon we entered of destination for tonight Steamboat springs where we are staying in a flash ski resort just out of town.

Here are a couple of additional random shots from today.

There were heaps of cool barns along the way

Sulphur springs at Steamboat springs

Tomorrow is our last day of this tour as we head to Denver and say goodbye to all our new friends that we have made and shared the road with over the last couple of weeks.

7 thoughts on “Green River to Steamboat Springs 480km – Day 13 Flaming Gorge

  1. Another contributing factor in your fatigue maybe a hidden one. The altitude you are riding at. Upwards from 7000ft to maybe 9000ft.That’s as high or higher as mt kosciuszko.

    Thoroughly enjoying your trip mate.


  2. I can’t believe the coincidence…I am reading this on Friday night, and tomorrow morning, we leave Estes Park for Flaming Gorge on a short 3-day trip! Your pictures in this post were wonderful! I can’t wait to see the Gorge and go through Steamboat Springs as well since we have never been there. So sorry the Harley wasn’t a great ride. I do hope that you come back and experience more of the incredible US National Parks on a more appropriate steed! Great series of posts, thank you!


    • Thanks it was a great trip through amazing scenery. You have a beautiful country.
      I said in 2013 when i was here last that 3 days on a bike just made me want to do more riding here. Now Deb is also wanting to do more. And yes on a more appropriate bike next time


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