Back of Bourke

Day 2 – Trangie to Bourke

At dawn there was an absolute cacophony of noise with galahs everywhere. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many in one place … with trees loaded with them.

Today was a going to be an easy ride day with around 300km. This will put us at Bourke a bit after lunch time depending on the number of stops. But on todays ride there is only one town of any size, and a total number of corners you can count on one hand … so the biggest challenge could be finding things to take photos of.

Today’s route

The first stop was in Nyngan about 100km down the road for a coffee but we couldn’t find a bakery so there was no vanilla slice today.

Nyngan is in the Bogan Shire named after the Bogan River that runs on the outskirts of town. So it only seems fitting to take a photo of the big bogan in town.

The Big Bogan
The Bogan River

From Nyngan the road gets awfully straight and the land is billiard table flat. The main change is whether the trees are lining the road or you can hardly see a tree to the horizon.

From trees lining the road

To wide open spaces

And greeting us at the entrance of Bourke is a brand new Mural on a large water tower of Percy Hobson who was the first Indigenous athlete to win a medal at the Commonwealth games in 1962.

For more information

Bourke – complete 2021

Bourke was a paddlesteamer port town situated on the Darling River. There is still one here at Bourke doing tourist duties.

At waters level under the Bourke pier

And our camp for the night at Kidmans Camp just north of Bourke on the levy.

Today’s distance: 325km

Total distance: 805km

Next – Heading to the Red Lizard

5 thoughts on “Back of Bourke

  1. Wow! A flat open country like Wyoming. Someday you must experience the perverted twisted pieces of asphalt in West Virginia. You will want to flick off your trailer and trade in your mileage muncher for a shorter wheel based sport bike. Your main squeeze will never doze off in the twisties!

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    • We have a few more days of this open countryside before we see more bends. And while the trailer doesn’t hold you up that much … it’s no zx14r

      One day I’d love to get back to the US and do a lot more riding. And those roads are on my list.

      Liked by 1 person

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