My Motorcycles

Looking back over my photos it was apparent that I didn’t take that many photos of my time out on the bike until recently.  Apparently I have learnt how to stop and take photos.

2014 Kawasaki ZX14Rdetails – current

2008 Kawasaki ZX14details

– demise of the 14

1994 Honda VFR750 – current

Purchased as a box of bits after it had an unfortunate coming together with a wall on a double right hand apex corner.

I have thought of selling it a few times but it’s a fun little bike and makes all the right noises.

This bike is nicknamed Redback as it is essentially a black bike with a red stripe similar to that of one of the venomous spiders we often find in our sheds here called the redback spider, which is all black with a redstrip on its body.

2001 – Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird

This was a great bike and even though they haven’t been made now for 10 years they would still make a great entry bike to the world of open road big bore blasters.  Big, comfortable, and fast.

Unfortunately it came to an untimely end when a van went through a Give Way sign – didn’t do me any good either … just quietly.  This led to a few years hiatus while I recovered.

Late 1980’s Kawasaki GPz900R

I remember when the mighty GPz900R hit the market back in the early 80’s.  I dreamt that one day I would own one.  This one was a bit rough when I got it and quickly went down hill after I hit a kangaroo one night while out on a ride.  It ended up with a rough patch job to keep me on the road as I was at university at the time with limited funds.

1988 Suzuki RGV250

Being on limited funds I swapped the broken CBR1000 for the little RGV as I needed wheels.  This was no sports tourer, it was horrible to pillion on, it was horrible to tour on. But point it at a windy road and hang on, all it’s short comings would disappear.  This was a fun little bike to ride.

1984 Honda CBR1000FH

I bought this as a repairable write off as a project bike.  These were early days of fully enclosed fairings.

1981 Kawasaki GPZ550

This was my first ‘big’ bike and I owned for over 10 years.  While it wasn’t that fast in a straight line it would keep most people honest in the corners.  However, I’m sure that I’m remembering that with youthful memories and compared to today’s bike it is slow and wobbly.  However I loved my GPz and we shared lots of great memories.

1980 Honda CB250N

The mighty Super Hawk – this was my first road bike back in the ’80s.