Lighting up the SV

With the handling of the little SV now transformed with sparkling new Wilbers suspension, it’s time to look at the next thing to fix / upgrade.

Emma has always complained about the lack lustre light on her SV.  Early on we upgraded the globe to a +100 H4 globe.  However, even with the better globe – it’s still pretty ordinary.

2018 Honda Goldwing – Test ride

I remember when the new ZX14R came out in 2012 and everyone was saying how much better it was over my 2008 version I owned at the time.  And it was for that reason that I didn’t ride one.  I didn’t want to know. I was acutely aware that an outcome of our US/Canada motorcycle…

Book Recommendation – Fast Women

I was flicking through one of the tags I follow the other day and came across a blog about a book on Australian pioneering women in motorcycling and the author was being interviewed on a local motoring TV shows. The book is a really easy read and is a collection 15 different stories about women…