Review – 2Up 4 2Weeks

After my last couiple motorcycle tours overseas Deb was keen to join me on my next adventure. The Eaglerider Canada Yellowstone tour fit into our schedule perfectly. This was going to be the longest motorcycle tour we have done together and the first of this nature. The route looked amazing and covered a number of iconic National Parks. This was going to be a great test of whether we like this mode of travel.

Red Lodge to Cody 200km – Day 9 Bugger!

Don’t you hate that feeling when it all goes to custard and all you can do is slide and watch it unfold. Today we were bitten by Beartooth Pass as we found the limit of the big Harley’s ground clearance.
Luckily we were able to pick the bike up and continue. Tomorrow is a day off in Cody which is good timing as Deb is a bit sore from our slide.