Just Going For A Ride

Walking out the door at 3:15 last Saturday morning I briefly thought about grabbing my electric vest but as it was going to be a minimum of 2 degrees C it shouldn’t be too bad.

For the next hour and a half the temp hovered between 0 and 3 degrees. Maybe I should have grabbed that vest.

Own Backyard

How often do we crave to ride in far off exotic places and just forget to explore and take in what’s around us … in our backyard. It hit me a couple of weeks ago after an afternoon’s ride with a friend in the ‘snowies’, Australia’s high country just a couple of hours from home. …

Zed is Dead!

It all started innocently enough… A friend asked me take his new GTR out for a ride to get the oil moving as he is out of action for a while. It was only going to be a short ride of around 70km just to clear out the cobwebs. So I invited my son-in-law to…