Memory Lane

In school I had my future mapped out – I was always going to follow my father’s footsteps and go onto the orchard. Greenhill Orchards has been in our family’s name since 1865, and with such a long history there is also a strong connection and many memories.


If there was one word that best describes my daughter Megan’s wedding it would be joyous.

The day was perfect for an outside wedding. Goldcreek Station was the perfect location – so close to Canberra but felt a million miles from the city.  And Red Photography was fantastic at capturing the special day for us.

That Man

30 years ago I met a man that quite frankly scared me. This man was uncompromising, intimidating and had a wild multi-coloured bush-ranger beard which I am sure kept all potential suitors very nervous.  This man worked extremely hard to keep food on the table and support his family, often having to work away from home.  However, even…

What if

Sometimes it pays not to think about stuff to much. And just be grateful for a good outcome. This weekend I went for a spin to Gunnedah with my daughter Emma to meet her Fiancé who was riding down from Qld. As this was her first BIG ride it was a pretty cruisey affair.  Ride…