Book Recommendation – Fast Women

I was flicking through one of the tags I follow the other day and came across a blog about a book on Australian pioneering women in motorcycling and the author was being interviewed on a local motoring TV shows. The book is a really easy read and is a collection 15 different stories about women…

Shhhh… hearing protection while riding

It was a lesson that I learned too late in my motorcycle riding history.  Riding bikes for hours with no hearing protection damages your hearing and so with ringing in my ears I warn younger riders to wear hearing protection.

2017 – A Year in Review

I remember being told by older people when I was a young bloke that the years go by faster as you get older.  Now I am one of those older people – and yes they certainly do seem to go by faster.  I’m not sure if it’s because each year represents an ever smaller percentage of your over-all life, or that life is getting faster, or that we are fitting more into our time.  Maybe it’s a bit of all those things.