2012 Ride Reports

I actually don’t have any written ride reports from 2012.  However following is a series of photos from various rides I did over 2012.

February FarRide to Nambucca Heads, NSW


Ride to Coonabarabran

This trip was specifically for moto-com work for a round of the Australian cycling road racing series.

Coonabarabran has Australia’s premier optical and infrared astronomical observatory at Sliding Springs (that’s what their website claims).  One of the really interesting things that they set up back 1997 was the virtual solar system drive with the sun represented by the 37 metre dome of the telescope and the planets fanning out from there at a rough scale of 1:38,000,000.  The virtual solar system drive fans out in five directions with each planet on a billboard on the side of the road.


November FarRide to Warren, NSW