Time Doesn’t Wait For Us

After everything that has happened in 2020, we really shouldn’t take time for granted. Sixteen years ago I started to plan a trip around Australia, it is time to pull out the plans and dust them off before too much more time passes.

WFH – The Commute

Week four of working from home and while I’m actually quite enjoying the whole experience. However, I really miss the commute to and from the office. While cyclists and motorcyclists don’t agree on many things the one thing they do generally agree on is that the ride to and from work provides a good transition…

A New Way of Working

Covid-19 is certainly creating havoc on our world and we are all trying to find ways of coping with this new reality. 2020 has felt like a bad dream so far, with the devastating bush fire season here in Australia burning over 18,000,000 hectares, leaving towns decimated and 34 people killed. During which the surrounding…


If there was one word that best describes my daughter Megan’s wedding it would be joyous.

The day was perfect for an outside wedding. Goldcreek Station was the perfect location – so close to Canberra but felt a million miles from the city.  And Red Photography was fantastic at capturing the special day for us.

Heading out for a coffee

Firstly I have to say that I am not a coffee snob.  In fact I mainly drink instant coffee at home and at work.  For me coffee is social habit, a drink enjoyed with company. And I’m boring – a flat white because I don’t want any of that fancy foam or chocolate sprinkles –…

Motorsport – what’s your flavour

  I love Motorsport. I love the sound. I love the smell. I love the adrenaline. And I love the speed. In my younger years I raced cars in the forest for a few years and picked up many valuable driving skills that have helped me on the road, and I burnt through a lot…

2017 – A Year in Review

I remember being told by older people when I was a young bloke that the years go by faster as you get older.  Now I am one of those older people – and yes they certainly do seem to go by faster.  I’m not sure if it’s because each year represents an ever smaller percentage of your over-all life, or that life is getting faster, or that we are fitting more into our time.  Maybe it’s a bit of all those things.