The Continuing Adventures of the Handbag

After another big year for Deb we are once again very fortunate to be able to traveling to far off lands to have amazing adventures while having the opportunity to explore, relax and hang out with friends we have made from all over the world. Thanks to Stampin’ Up! we start our trip with a Greek Island cruise and then we head off on our own to do some exploring in Europe.

There Be Icebergs Captain

We entered the Fjord on our Royal Caribbean cruise at 5:30am – we just sat on our balcony watching as we glided through Endicott Arm with the mountain lined glacial coloured channel as otters popped up and icebergs passed. When we got to Dawes Glacier the captain simply spun the ship slowly around 3 times, about 800m from the glacier – so we sat eating our room service breakfast on our balcony in the glory of this magnificent 360 degree vista. Not too shabby!