Turning South

And just like that our time in Cairns and hanging out with our good friends Russell and Jeltje has come to an end. It’s been a blast. Now we point the wheels south and start our journey back to the cold country … but our trip is far from over as we have another 3,000km…

The Reef

Tuesday was spent checking out a small corner of the Great Barrier Reef and to do some snorkelling. Of all the days we’ve been on the road this was the worst, the weather was over cast and windy … not ideal for being out on the reef. The trip out reminded me of a previous…

Weekend Escape to FNQ

As we exit the airport my sunnies fog up instantly as we hit the wall of heat and humidity. Welcome to Far North Queensland. I don’t often fly domestically as I usually ride or drive, so it’s a bit disorienting as I don’t quite have a sense of how far north we really are. Cairns is 2,500km north of Canberra via the most direct route, or 2,900km if you follow the coast.
This is a quick weekend trip to visit friends who recently relocated to Cairns for work and to pinch one of his bikes to see some of the sights and ride some of the roads I’ve heard so much about.