Getting away for a few days

The plan was simple … escape.

With a few days off between Christmas and New Years we took the opportunity to getaway for a few days and get some much needed open road therapy before we head into another year of unknown.

The plan was pretty simple, catch up with Deb’s sister in Denman, head west to check out some painted silos, find somewhere to stay, and then head back to Canberra. All up about 1,200km.

Rolling out of Canberra on Tuesday morning it was hard to believe that it was summer with a stop an hour down the road to add a layer as the temperature struggled to reach 15 degrees, and even as we skirted Sydney the temperature refused to increase.

We put off stoppage for a coffee and lunch on the outskirts of Sydney in favour of enjoying the ambience of the Grey Gums cafe on the Putty, only to find it closed. Apparently they are having trouble finding staff out there, but I wouldn’t think it would be hard for the managers (who were there) to man a coffee machine (or have a coffee vending machine) and a pie warmer and/or sausage sizzle, and sell snacks. After all isn’t that what we are generally after, a destination to sit and have a coffee and a chat away from the busyness of the city.

The next chance for a coffee was at Bulga, but we were only 30 minutes from our destination so opted to just grab a cold drink and a snack and head to Denman.

Grapevine motel at Denman

On Wednesday we rolled out onto the Golden highway and headed west. The temperature was still on the cooler side but comfortable.

Our first stop was only 50km down the road at Merriwa to check out their painted silos.

Merriwa silo art

The sheep wearing red socks is based on the running of hundreds of sheep down the main street wearing red socks for the Festival of the Fleeces, held in June.

In Merriwa we found a nice little bakery which had amazing looking pies with the lamb and mint sauce pie calling me but it was too early so opted for a vanilla slice and coffee. Based on our previous travels this vanilla slice rated really well.

Dunedoo was our next stop and another painted silo, this one a tribute to local Dunedoo jockey, Hugh Bowman, of the retired champion Australian Thoroughbred racehorse.

Dunedoo silo art

For all the silos and murals we have come across on our travels see this page.

Our destination for the night was Parkes, the Elvis capital of Australia with an Elvis festival that’s generally held in January every year. But Parkes isn’t only about Elvis, or The Dish but is a nice destination in of itself.

From Parkes we head to Eugowra a little town on the way to Canowindra with many murals of its past from bush rangers to old cars.

And then it was a fairly straight run to home over roads we have travelled on many times.

2 thoughts on “Getting away for a few days

  1. Grey Gums – Closed again, that’s terrible. I dropped in while it was closed a while back and found the owner chatting to a couple of people. He offered us all coffee, even though it was shut.


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