Own Backyard

How often do we crave to ride in far off exotic places and just forget to explore and take in what’s around us … in our backyard. It hit me a couple of weeks ago after an afternoon’s ride with a friend in the ‘snowies’, Australia’s high country just a couple of hours from home. …

The Joy of the Open Road

Mostly people associate motorcycles with sinuous tarmac winding through mountain passes.  Not wide open roads with barely a corner in sight.  The two just don’t seem to go together.  I know many riders who refuse to ride open roads and will trailer bikes rather than ride.  But they underestimate what the open road offers.
There is something special about just rolling through a big country as the scenery washes over you allowing time to retreat into your own head space and just sit in your thoughts as the miles pass beneath your wheels. 

Heading out for a coffee

Firstly I have to say that I am not a coffee snob.  In fact I mainly drink instant coffee at home and at work.  For me coffee is social habit, a drink enjoyed with company. And I’m boring – a flat white because I don’t want any of that fancy foam or chocolate sprinkles –…