Heading to the Red Lizard

Day 3 – Bourke to Charleville We are getting into the rhythm of pitching and packing up our setup. I was worried that the bigger tent was going to be a hassle, especially for the overnight stops, but it really hasn’t. And the benefit of the bigger tent far out weighs the disadvantages. Setting off…

Back of Bourke

Day 2 – Trangie to Bourke At dawn there was an absolute cacophony of noise with galahs everywhere. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many in one place … with trees loaded with them. Today was a going to be an easy ride day with around 300km. This will put us at Bourke a…

Heading North for May

Well this is us not going to Hawaii. This year’s Stampin’ Up! trip is in Maui at the same location as last year’s cancelled trip. By the end of October each year we have to make a call as to whether we are going to take up the option for the trip the following year…

Unplugged and Million Star Accommodation

Life is just so busy. And Covid has just added another layer of complexity and anxiety. Everyone wants something, Everyone is pulling you in different directions. What I love about travelling is that you can set all that aside … even for a short time … being transported to another place where there are no expectations, and you can just be another regular Joe.

Introducing the ST to IBA rides

Sometimes the stars align and you just have to capitalise on the opportunity. Over the weekend Deb had a Stampin’ Up! virtual conference, there was a FarRide to Tooleybuc on Saturday, the round trip to Tooleybuc is about 1400km, and I was just itching for a big ride. And if I felt okay I could easily add an extra 200km to make it an IBA ride which would be the first on the Honda ST1300.