Taking in the sights of Phuket.

Wednesday – Stampin Up! took us on a group activity out to a number of islands including ‘James Bond Island’, canoeing in and around the islands, visiting a village built over the ocean,  and providing lunch on an island. The islands are limestone islands in the Phang Nga National Park and are fairly unique in…

Lighting – Part II

The Hella driving lights were only a temporary solution until I found a better / newer driving light solution.  And with a big ride coming up in a couple of months I was keen to get this finalised.

Group riding

I don’t do group rides. For those who have read or follow my blog over the years know that most of the rides I do are long distance or with a few friends.  However I stumbled across a local group of riders – Fat Bastards Riding Club – who intrigued me and when they advertised a…

Not Happy Jan!

What’s wrong with this picture? That’s right – my camping gear is sitting in my lounge room and not strapped to the back of my bike! I was so looking forward to getting away on the bike this weekend, meeting up with friends in a far flung town, camping, enjoying a beer and shooting the breeze.…

Getting out of trouble

It’s always a trade-off with what you carry on the bike to get yourself out of trouble. I know riders who take spares of everything and I know others who take nothing at all in the hope (or naivety) that nothing goes wrong.