If there was one word that best describes my daughter Megan’s wedding it would be joyous.

The day was perfect for an outside wedding. Goldcreek Station was the perfect location – so close to Canberra but felt a million miles from the city. 

Out for some Road Therapy

As an introvert in a busy office with people constantly seeking my time and in a seemingly endless stream of meetings, I am often needing time to escape and just have some down time to decompress and rejuvenate.  For me there is noting better than helmet time – just getting away on the bike with…

Own Backyard

How often do we crave to ride in far off exotic places and just forget to explore and take in what’s around us … in our backyard. It hit me a couple of weeks ago after an afternoon’s ride with a friend in the ‘snowies’, Australia’s high country just a couple of hours from home. …