Venice – the last day

For a limited stay three nights is a good compromise as you have the opportunity to learn the lay of the land, how to get around, do a few touristy things, and just soak the place in. Two nights just felt rushed. Today’s major activities included a tour of the Doge’s Palace and St Mark’s Basilica, and finishing the day off with a Baroque Concert which I enjoyed more than I expected. I have also included some tips on touring Venice.

Venice – first impressions

This morning was spent sliding through the Italian countryside at 240km/h, passing crops, vineyards with their straight rows of grapes, and hay bales standing in the open paddocks. And within 25 minutes of getting to Venice we had checked into our accommodation and ready to start exploring with a walking tour of the city.

Zed14 at the Colosseum Rome

Rome – the Colloseum

Today we leave the ship and move into our second phase of the trip. The highlight today was a tour of the Colloseum and Roman Forum tour. Walking through these places you feel the history and wonder and at what it must have looked like in its heyday.