Rome – taking in more sights

After our original plans of getting out of town fell through we spent the day just exploring Rome utilising the hop-on hop-bus . Checking out a number of cathederals and ruins. And finished off the day with dinner on a balcony overlooking the Colloseum.

Zed14 at the Colosseum Rome

Rome – the Colloseum

Today we leave the ship and move into our second phase of the trip. The highlight today was a tour of the Colloseum and Roman Forum tour. Walking through these places you feel the history and wonder and at what it must have looked like in its heyday.

The Continuing Adventures of the Handbag

After another big year for Deb we are once again very fortunate to be able to traveling to far off lands to have amazing adventures while having the opportunity to explore, relax and hang out with friends we have made from all over the world. Thanks to Stampin’ Up! we start our trip with a Greek Island cruise and then we head off on our own to do some exploring in Europe.