Rome – Vatican City

These feet may be made for walking … but mine are just crying enough.

In our research for this trip Deb found a first entry tour to the Sistine Chapel this meant an early start but it meant that we were in before the crowds. It also meant that we were pretty much the first people in the museums and we were able to sit in the Sistine chapel for about 10-15 minutes just looking.

Check out these photos. The first is when we entered on the tour and the second was after we did a loop to go back through the chapel to get to St Peter’s rather than out, around, line up, and back through security.

So worth it.

Would it be wrong if I said that the Sistine Chapel was just ok? Yes the the paintings were pretty amazing – but after going through the hallways of the museum which were amazing I guess I was expecting more. Here are a few more photos from the museum (but no photos from the chapel).

This is a 2D painting

And St Peter’s was very impressive. Huge. Ornate. Yesterday they said that a lot of the marble here was taken from the Colloseum and repurposed.

And from St Peter’s we walked back to Italy, and back to our accommodation near the Colloseum. After all the walking we have done over the last week we are really feeling it and Deb sat out the last tour today which was a tour exploring under Rome to discover some of its secretes. This was another 3 hour walking tour which explored the time capsule of buildings built on other buildings and the stories they told. A very fascinating tour.

A few other photos from today.

By now my feet were saying I need to be riding!

Ruins of the Gladiators accommodation and training area withinsight of the Colloseum

Marble tile floor in old house under a church

Entrance to old Rome and part of the aquaduct

2 thoughts on “Rome – Vatican City

  1. Your second picture with all the people was our experience, and be thankful you opted for the early visit. I wish we would have known that. I have had more elbow room on a New York subway at rush hour. I also felt sort of underwhelmed with the Sistine Chapel, but really didn’t have a lot of time to enjoy it because of the crowds.

    I am enjoying your pictures and stories. My wife and I visited Rome 2 years ago and looking at your pictures brings back many pleasant memories.


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