Surrendering the Harley

Today I had to return the bike to the shop.  I really enjoyed the time we shared on road and I loved riding in Utah.


When I was planning this trip I must admit that I was a bit nervous about what to expect; the availability of fuel; riding on the right-hand side of the road; and the other stuff you take for granted when traveling in your home country.

I really had nothing to worry about.

I really enjoyed getting out and    cruising through the scenery and experiencing places that are quite different to home;  meeting and talking to both locals and fellow travelers along the way; getting an insight to what makes a place tick.  To me this is traveling,  not getting taken around in a coach to see what they want to show you.

He’s a final picture of me in Utah mode.


And my route

I now have a taste for foreign motorcycle touring.   That can’t be good!

Now onto our next phase of our US trip, and the primary reason for this trip, the Stampin’ Up Grand Vacation.  The Grand Vaction is awarded to high achieving Stampin’ Up demonstrators.

This year the company is celebrating 25 years and has brought the top demonstrators from around the world to their home State of Utah.

No it’s not technically my trip, but I am a proud plus one, Deb’s the one who does all the hard work to earn these trips.

Stampin’ Up is a great company and really know how to put together a great trip.  This year they have put us up in a 5 star ski resort about 40 minutes out of Salt Lake City.  The resort is situated high in the mountains.  In fact the resort sits over 100 meters above sea level higher than the top of Mt Kosciusko.

Here are a few photos of the resort.




And inside. ..




The next few days are lot more about chilling and taking it easy.  And as the above pictures show the environment is very conducive to that.

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