Utah by bike – Moab to Park City

So today there was a new plan devised – go to Arches National Park and then across to Colorado and see how I am going for time.

Arches National Park is different again.! And as plans had changed I had a bit more time so I did a bit of walking to get the most out of it.   I spent 4 hours at the park and could’ve spent much more.

Here are a few random photos from Arches.




Balancing rock


Delicate arch


Way up on the hill to the left.  You could walk up there but it was about a 2.5 mile walk up hill in jeans in 100+F temps! Not happening! !


From Arches I headed north then east to Colorado. The interstates sure are a great way of covering distance with their 75mph speed limit and the traffic tends to sit over that again.  But I find they numb your brain.


Just before Grand Junction I turned off and headed north over the mountains.  Again more stunning scenery.



And the mountain pass wasn’t bad either


Once I was over the mountains I headed to a little place called Dinosaur on the Utah / Colorado border.



And then back into Utah.


I had thought about a detour via Wyoming as well, but time was well and truely against me at this stage so I decided to head straight back towards Salt Lake City.

Once again Utah surprised me with yet a different type of scenery!




Today’s hat is the perfect Utah bikers hat. I discovered it while wandering around the Arches National Park. It provided great shade in the 100+F temps and was very adaptable to the bike.  Cruising around the parks it provided great shade.

Cap version 1

However, as speed increased it became unstable and with a flick of the wrist the hat quickly transforms into highway suitable attire.

Arches National Park, Moab - Utah

Today’s milage – 430 miles


Thoughts for the day

Traveling alone

The great thing about traveling alone is that you are more likely to meet and talk to people.  I find that when you’re in a group you tend to become insular and stick to the group.

A couple of examples. .

In Bryce Valley I was having a bite to eat at one of those caravans on the side of the road and asked the cook about the letters I’d been seeing on hillsides.  This conversation was over heard by a couple who then asked me, we than spent the next 30 mins or so discussing the differences between each of our countries and America.

Tonight I met and had a good chat to a couple of young guys from Nebraska just out of college traveling to Fresno.

Waving to other riders

There is an advantage to riding on the right side of the road.

When riding on the left hand side of the road you have to stick your left hand (ie not the throttle hand) up in the air to be seen as if to say … hi there,  hello, please be my friend.  Whereas on the righthand side your left hand is in the middle so riders just drop their arm with fingers out as if to say … maaaate, great day for a ride, later.

2 thoughts on “Utah by bike – Moab to Park City

  1. “Today’s hat will have to wait till I get home and download the photos from my other camera. It’s the perfect Utah bikers hat. ”


    Say it ain’t so.


  2. Glen, all at work have been following your daily blog with keen interest. Thanks for the travelog and great photos. In reponse to your question about whether we would miss you or not………Maate!


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