Getting blown away

They say there’s no motorcycles parked in front of a psychiatrist office. But man after battling the winds today there maybe one outside the Physio.

Pulling onto the servo apron todday I felt out numbered and out of place – it was like I stumbled into a VFR convention with a gen 3, gen 6 and gen 8 all sitting there waiting. When Russell pulled in on his GTR we may still have been out numbered 3 to 2 but we out sized them 2800cc to 2400cc!

Today was just a quick 250km ride out in the countryside to test Barney’s cafe at Bookham. Actually that was just the destination. The purpose was to get out on the bike and put the week’s stress, angst, and frustration behind me and just enjoy a spring day with all its new life in the Australian bush. It was a chance to refresh the mind and spend time with Deb and some friends. It was having a laugh over lunch.

It was battling the wind.

It was blowing a absolute gale out there and just keeping the bike on line was a task. While there wasn’t any real danger you certainly had to keep focused as the bike was moving around a lot. And the strong cross wind is quite fatiguing and hard on your neck as you are constantly pushing against the wind – it reminded me of having to pull out of our Melbourne to Darwin 50cc attempt a couple of years ago after experiencing the same conditions for hours on end.

But in the end it was just nice to get out with friends and enjoy a ride.


Oh and Barney’s cafe isn’t a flash cafe but just a nice quiet little joint with friendly staff and good food. Certainly much nicer than a big busy service centre.

5 thoughts on “Getting blown away

  1. I get blown around most of the time I ride on M72 here. There is always a crosswind there. It is just a matter of how strong the wind will be that day. It doesn’t help that I am a small person on a light bike either. Of course there will be a semi that will either pass or I will get stuck behind which will buffet me around like a rag doll.


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