Come Waltzing Matilda with me

Day 8 – Winton to Porcupine Gorge

Don’t panic!

Just about all packed up this morning and I couldn’t find my keys. They were no where to be found and the more I looked the easy was to panic … but they had to be here. Everything was pulled out and unpacked. Still no where to be found.

Don’t panic.

Shh… just between you and me … they were in my helmet.

See nothing to panic about..!

Before rolling out of Winton we visited the recently rebuilt Waltzing Matilda Centre which was all about the song and the history of the local area. It’s always hard to tell what these sorts of places are like in these small country towns.

We’ve been to many small town museums and exhibits and they generally have a small town feel about them. The standard and quality of this centre blew us away and it was exceptional. It had a nice balance of displays, local history, visual presentations, and commentary.

The $32 entry fee felt steep but when we exited we felt that we got value for money and would recommend this to anyone.

The big difference with the scenery today was a narrower road and having to navigate road trains on an unmarked road.

At Hughenden it was time for coffee and lunch. At the cool little FJ Holden Cafe we were only able to get take away as we hit closing time. So we sat on a bench outside enjoying hamburgers.

Leaving Hughenden and we have finally out of the wide open straight roads and head to Porcupine Gorge which is our destination for today.

Porcupine Gorge lookout

Pyramid campground at Porcupine Gorge

And we had a few visitors as well. Russell road out from Cairns to meet us and to ride back into Cairns tomorrow, and we had a couple of little Rufous Bettongs (part of the Potoroo family) who came over to say hello … or at least grunt. They certainly weren’t scared of us while we sat around the fire.

Tomorrow we ride into Cairns

Todays Distance: 312km

Total Distance: 2,410km

Next – The Final Push to Cairns

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