Heading to the Red Lizard

Day 3 – Bourke to Charleville

We are getting into the rhythm of pitching and packing up our setup. I was worried that the bigger tent was going to be a hassle, especially for the overnight stops, but it really hasn’t. And the benefit of the bigger tent far out weighs the disadvantages.

Setting off from Bourke we headed to Queensland, crossing the border mid-morning on our way to Cunnamulla which is about half way to Charleville.

Playing with my new action camera – here is 30 minutes of riding to the border compressed to 2 minutes using time-lapse taking a photo every 0.5 seconds.

At Cunnamulla we filled up and took the opportunity to have a bit of time off the bike and have a quick look around down town Cunnamulla.

The Cunnamulla Fella
Cunnamulla painted water tower

With no bakeries open the Vanilla Slice offerings were slim. And you always worry when it comes in a plastic container.

Rating … it wasn’t terrible but it certainly wasn’t great. The pastry was moist from being in a plastic container. The presentation was let down with lumps of custard powder. Overall it was just okay.

Score – Overall I think it’s a 4.5

There’s been a lot of rain up through here with rivers all up and its surprisingly green which would explain why we haven’t seen any roos to date. However we have seen a lot of emus. Luckily they have stayed on their side of the road.

mob of emus
Stopping for a break at Wyandra pub

From Cunnamulla it’s a couple of hundred kilometres of more open road riding to our camp ground a few kilometres out of Charleville – the Red Lizard campground. I stayed here a few years ago on one of my rides and it’s a really nice little campground with great facilities.

I was asked how long it takes to set up our tent … so I took a time lapse video of us putting up the tent today which took under 15 minutes and under 30 minutes to do everything (stretches, sleeping bags, chairs, etc) and about the same to pull down and pack away.

Here we do it in fast forward in under a minute.

Tomorrow is a rest day where we’ll have the day off the bike and look around Charleville.

Todays Distance: 485km

Total Distance: 1,290km

Next – Checking out Charleville

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