Charleville – day 2

Today I was venturing into new territory.  The roads are getting straighter.  The trucks are getting longer.  And the towns are getting less frequent.

Many of the roads I traveled on were quite lonely with little or no traffic.


I was fascinated with the number of large cactus trees around.



There was quite a lot of water around with many of the rivers up and evidence of recent flooding.  Mostly the rivers were this muddy brown colour.



Everyone warned me of the kangaroos but to date I have not seen one alive.  However the road is absolutely littered with dead ones in varying stages of decay.  Very pleasant.   And with dead roos comes the scavenger birds including a number of large eagles.

I did see a number of foxes, a couple of large groups of emus, and heaps of cattle in the long yard.   All just waiting for me to come by so they could cross the road. Especially those mad emus, you just never know what they are going to do.  I guess that answers the question – why did the chicken cross the road … Because there’s someone about to drive past.

I couldn’t get a picture of the emus. But these guys were happy to pose.


Mitchell and a bakery appears.  Well okay.  Maybe this is turning into a pie run.


So tonight I have pitched my tent out of Charleville at a nice little camp ground called the red lizard.  Great  location and facilities.  Highly recommended.


Later tonight I am booked in for a tour of the cosmos observatory which should be good as it’s a beautiful clear night.

I can confirm that the cosmos night tour is worth it.  The night sky truely is amazing.  My highlight was Saturn.


Here’s a couple of other random shots from today.


What a great name for a pub.


Driver revivers generally always have crap coffee but always a good place for a chat.



Shed made out of kero tins.

Day 2 – 803km
Total – 1, 676km

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