Where Dinosaurs Trod

Day 7 – Longreach to Winton

Today was all about dinosaurs and a recent (ish) discovery of dinosaur bones by a farmer on his property over 20 years ago. What has spawned from this seems to be the dinosaur capital of Australia.

This morning was an earlier morning as we wanted to leave by 8:30 at the latest to give us time up our sleaves before our tour at 11am nearly 200km away.

More straight open road

In the end we left at 8 and was there really early! With heaps of time for a cuppa coffee and get our tickets. There really isn’t much out this way and you really have to watch your speed as it creeps up as there isn’t much to reference speed by.

The Age of Dinosaurs complex is set on top of a jump up overlooking the vast plains which is quite spectacular.

We did the ultimate tour which takes in fossil preparation, their fossil collection area and a new exhibition where they have pain stakingly relocated a huge section of an old billabong which had prehistoric dinosaurs footprints.

Here are a range of today’s photos.

Fossil preparation area
Foot prints

If you’re into dinosaurs this is well worth the visit … and if you’re not then it’s still very interesting.

And with a step up there was corners! After the last first days of wide open (straight) road it was nice to have a few bends. Here is a very different view – from the back of the trailer.

Then it was a short ride into Winton to setup our campsite for another night.

Tomorrow we are off to Porcupine Gorge.

Todays Distance: 212km

Total Distance: 2,098km

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