Going Back in Time

Day 6 – a bit of history in Longreach

Today was another non-ride day and a chance to check out Longreach. As we really only have one day we habe to choose what we want to do as we just can’t do everything. And Covid adds a level of complexity as things are often run smaller and often required booking so it’s harder to do walkins.

Looking through things to do in Longreach we came across an experience that took in a number of older Australian experiences including a classic Australian movie, and an old time tent show, and a stagecoach ride at full gallop pulled by a team of 5 horses. This was with Outback Pioneer. I was worried that it was going to be kitchy but it really wasn’t.

If you’re in Longreach we’d highly recommend them.

Sitting up top was a bit dusty as we galloped across the dirt road, and I got a good coating of dust.

The Australian classic movie they showed today was … Smiley gets a gun. Funny given yesterday’s post.

Qantas Founders Museum

The big things people tell you to do in Longreach is the Stockmans Hall of Fame and Qantas founders museum. Unfortunately we couldn’t get to the Stockmans Hall of Fame.

The Queensland and Northern Territory Air Service (QANTAS) museum isn’t actually supported by Qantas by it does cover the history and have lots of historical paraphernalia and even a number of iconic planes from over the years.

We did a tour through the following iconic Qantas aircraft – the DC3, Super Constellation, 707, and the 747.

Boeing 747
Super Constellation
Boeing 707

The Tourist park here in Longreach is not great for tents as the ground is hard and rocky and has virtually no shade. On the other hand my new kickass 50w solar panel did a great job of charging up my power station today.

Tomorrow we are off to Winton.

Today’s Distance: 17km

Toal Distance: 1,886km

Next – Where Dinosaurs Trod

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