Mykonos – Island of the Wind

Another day another port, and today we are visiting Mykonos. It’s interesting how different people react differently to different places. For us Santorini was very nice but a bit pretentious and we really didn’t feel anything. However today straight off the ship we just loved the Mykonos, it just had so much character and a place I’d certainly like more time to explore. Today we had a walking tour of Mykonos and of the archaeological site of Delos. Our tour today was through CBM Tours and our guide for the day was fantastic. Again I’m not going to provide a historical commentary about Mykonos other than to say that it was originally a very poor community made up of primarily fisherman and regularly pillaged by pirates until they started working with the pirates and Mykonos ended up becoming the centre of trade and became very prosperous. Today Mykonos is a beautiful location with narrow streets that wind through the city that help limit the harsh wind through town – they say if you get lost just follow where the wind is coming from and you’ll get out. The narrow streets are now lined with little shops selling anything from knik-knaks to high-end brand products such Louis Vuitton, or nice little cafes and bakeries. Just gorgeous.

One of the things Mykonos is famous for is windmills with one being restored that is 500 years old. These windmills were used to mill wheat. So they would import wheat and export flour.

They no longer get used to mill but some have been converted to accommodation.

From Mykonos we took a short boat ride to the Island of Delos – an archeological site predating Pompii by up to 700 years. Just fascinating to hear about the history and learn about the birthplace of Apollo and Artermis. And the rise and fall of the Island so long ago. In its hey day this small island housed around 30,000 people, and was the centre for trade. Hard to imagine 300-500 BC.

Here are a few photos from the dig. There is so much more buried that one day may be uncovered.I would highly recommend a visit to Delos and especially if you’re into history. And even better with a knowledgeable guide.

4 thoughts on “Mykonos – Island of the Wind

  1. Wow that stonework is certainly impressive considering its been there for a couple thousand years, no real tools back then, probably all done with a string line of some description.


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