There Be Icebergs Captain

Sailing the Endicott Arm


It was an early morning this morning as we entered the Fjord at 5:30am so we ordered room service breakfast this morning and just sat out on our balcony watching as we glided through the mountain lined glacial coloured channel as otters popped up and icebergs passed.

The original plan was to sail up the Tracy Arm to the Sawyer Glacier however due to a significant amount of ice flow at the Sawyer Glacier the Captain was not able to get the boat up there safely so instead we sailed up the Endicott Arm to Dawes Glacier. What a magical morning. As our German neighbours said “when angels are on tour”. How true is that!

When we got to the glacier at the end of the channel the captain simply spun the boat slowly around 3 times, about 800m from the glacier – so we sat eating out breakfast on our balcony in the glory of this magnificent 360 degree vista. Not too shabby!

All I can say is wow.

And then as we moved back into the open water the fog descended on us and we glided through the unknown and our only soundtrack became the low blast from the ships fog horn. It was like this for the next 24 hours. A. Bit spooky. From here we head back down the coast to our next stop at Victoria Canada.

Below is just a few of this mornings photos.

4 thoughts on “There Be Icebergs Captain

  1. Wow, So amazing!!!! It’s on our list to go there, at least to ride a little but to see all the marvelous beauty. I spoke with some from Juneau today, coincidentally. A coworker of mine just went on an Alaskan cruise with his whole family and told us of the majestic eagles he saw. We cannot wait to go! Thank you for sharing your photos.


  2. How majestic! Gods’ masterpiece. Such beauty and tranquillity. You are very privileged. I’m not much of a traveller but Alaska is the one place I’d love to go. It’s just so pristine. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos and your blog.


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