New roads

I love finding new roads. Discovering where they lead.  Finding my next favourite riding road.  I’m not content with riding the same roads over and over. I want to explore new places. Sometimes there’s dirt that you need to traverse that reveals a gem.  When I’m organising a ride I tell people that: a – I don’t generally ride the main roads; b – there may be dirt occasionally; and c – I like to find new and interesting roads.

I also love maps.

For many years I resisted getting a GPS as I’m a map guy. But what I’ve discover is that the GPS has really opened up my exploration even more as it’s much easier to find and navigate these obscure out-of-the-road roads.

So a couple of years ago out of interest I started plotting all the roads I ridden over the years with a highlighter and it turns out that I have ridden a lot of roads.  But it also shows that there are many, many roads that I have yet to ride. That is something I’d like to remedy.


I thought I could modernise it a bit by using mapping software.  The following is a screen shot of my rides mapped in BaseCamp (Garmin’s mapping software used in conjunction with their GPS’s).

Aust map

Base Camp – roads I’ve ridden in Australia

If anyone uses other mapping applications that are better and allow embedding or linking rather than just a snapshot – I’d be really interested to hear what you use.

Why new roads… other than just for the sake of exploration.  Sometimes you find yourself at the end of the tar enjoying a beer with mates in a small country pub with lots of interesting history overlooking the mountains, with your bike covered in mud.


That’s why.


10 thoughts on “New roads

  1. I too love finding new roads. Now that I have downsized to a smaller bike, navigating them will be much easier, especially if they end up being a horse trail!


    • There is no doubt that Australia is a big place and I still have so many places to explore. The novel thing when riding in Spain was crossing country borders … certainly not something that I am used to.

      Thanks about the photos – I find the blog is a great place to tell the story behind the photos.

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