Own Backyard

How often do we crave to ride in far off exotic places and just forget to explore and take in what’s around us … in our backyard.

It hit me a couple of weeks ago after an afternoon’s ride with a friend in the ‘snowies’, Australia’s high country just a couple of hours from home.  As we sat on the edge of the road looking out over the landscape … why don’t we do this more often?   It’s not even a month from the end of the ski season, snow is still laying around and the place just looks amazing.


Where else have we overlooked and taken for granted.?

4 thoughts on “Own Backyard

  1. Two years ago we drove to Adelaide the long way – down the East Coast past Great Ocean Rd etc. Have you been to SA’s limestone coast? I was blown away by it – I’m guessing you’ve seen it on way to WA. Knowing you, you’ve been everywhere!


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