The Final Push to Cairns

Day 9 – Porcupine Gorge to Cairns

Waking up early this morning was a great opportunity to see the sunrise over the gorge.

And after a great cooked breakfast we packed up and set of for Cairns. But we only made it to the main road before Russell ran into a problem with a deflating tyre. After finding the little culprit we just pumped the tyre up to see how it went.

Thanks to the information of Honest Russ’s Adventures … who came this way yesterday … there is only about 50km of dirt. Its all easy dirt although the first bit is a bit sandy. If I were to provide some feedback – the sand was ‘fun’ on a big tourer loaded up with a trailer as it tended to wander.

Other sections were rocky and rutted – also not a friend to a big heavy tourer. Thanks Honest Russ’s Adventures.

With a short-fill at The Lynd (as they only have regular) we continue our trip to Mt Garnet and the over the Atherton tablelands before descending the Kuranda range into Cairns our destination.

I already miss the open roads and the vaste plains, but we will be back to explore what we didn’t get to see this time.

Now we get the opportunity to further explore the Cairns area and after hanging in and around Cairns for a few days we will start to make our way home via the coast.

Today’s Distance: 540km

Total Distance: 2,950km

Next – Where the Bitumen Ends

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