Bringing up a Milestone – 2012

I am consolidating ride reports I’ve published on various forums onto my WordPress site.  This is a ride report from April 2012.

Somehow kilometrestone just doesn’t sound right!
With the 100,000km mark approaching on my 2008 ZX14 it just didn’t seem right to let that milestone pass whilst on commuting duties, so a plan was hatched.  Well that only consisted of meeting someone it Forbes for lunch, so with detours it was a cruisy 800km spin.

I really enjoy these day rides with others, but sometimes it can’t beat the freedom of riding alone, stopping where you please, at the pace you please, taking different roads that take your fancy, exploring and taking photos also makes for a great day.

Heading north from Temora

After spitting tar and rubber at someone following on a recent ride the zed was accused of being a tractor, so I couldn’t resist and had to get this picture.

Out of Condobolin


A couple of years ago I met Kent who as part of his master’s thesis created a website ( documenting public memory.  This website essentially pulls together monuments and memorials around Australia complete with location, type of monument, descriptions and photos (where available).  Since then, as a passing interest, I have been collecting and contributing photos.  So one of the things that was on my list today was to be on the lookout for more monuments in little towns that I would be passing.  Places like:




Then on a country road 100km from home the magic number rolled around.

That’s not too bad in under 3 and a half years, it works out to be approx 28,500km (17,700m) per year.

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