Nambucca Heads – 2013

I went in search of an old ride report from a Nambucca Heads trip in 2013 but couldn’t find it – I may not have written one. However I did find one from my travelling companion Russel (Rusjel) from that particular trip so I am posting up an edited version of his post in its place.

— Edited version of a post by Rusjel on Distance Riders Australia Forum —

I am of the opinion that a new bike should be taken for a decent canter shortly after one aquires it. I haz Redbird, many happy memories of getting to know the Daytona on the glorious Ox and there was a FarRide on at Nambucca. It was meant to be.

What probably wasn’t meant to be was pulling out of Pollyworld with no sleep and threatening skies at dark o’clock. You know when the breeze starts to stiffen and cool? You should put your wets on then right? But maybe it will clear up? Yeah I’m sure it will. Oh dear no it isn’t. So now put your wets on over semi damp riding gear in the increasing drizzle at dark o’clock. One day I’ll learn my lesson, but don’t hold your breath.

Dawn found us playing dodge with the mobile wielding bovi of Sidenee town. Yay. The sky started to clear at Mt White. I saw a blue patch of sky and pointed at it. This frightened it so it ran away, sending its big brother storm clouds to sort out the bully what pointed at their brother. Then it rained lots more. One day I’ll learn, but don’t hold your breath.

At Maitland we met our first nice person, Pat or Toura from FarRiders. For some reason Pat thought that smoking a durry under the awning at the shrine of the clown was more fun than doing it in the open. He had a feejer with a big screen and was mainly dry. This lesson was completely lost on Glen and I.

When the next lot of blue sky cautiously made it’s appearance I didn’t point at it, so it hung around for a while. Long enough for us to dry out, somewhat.

This is Glen at Macksville.


Glen looked buggered, probably because he was. So was I. But we were soon there, along with about 120 other nice people who like riding long distances in the rain.

2013 02 02_4490.jpg

Karl was there and we shot the breeze about Crows for a bit. Then we lay down.


Then the Ox. It was sunny. Crows like the Ox

2013 02 02_4510

Magazine testers wailed loudly about the Crow’s ground clearance. I touched the hero blobs and the centerstand a few times but really didn’t have an issue. Perhaps I need more talent. For a big heavy thing it seems to handle fine and we were having a ball.

Doin' the rain dance out of Walcha

Thunderbolts Way

2013 02 02_4518

Nowendoc Road

2013 02 02_4531

Wallabadah has a beaut free grassed campsite right next to the Quirindi Creek. Gas Barbys, seats, loos and old timers with stories to tell about their old Beezer. Good times.

camping at Wallabadah

Then we went to meet nice Mr Quoll. He took us through his local bikewash. Glen was unsure about the bikewash, which appeared to want to wash his bike down river. I think he will remember his first encounter with the Quoll.

2013 02 03_4446.jpg

Spending time with the Quoll and riding is always beaut. Somewhat less exciting though, as his fancy new fangled oil head Buttercup doesn’t lose bits like Hilda used to. We parted after a safe and responsible canter to Sandy Hollow.

Then we went down the BVW. It may be that this road was designed for big heavy fast jappers. It would have been wrong to traverse it with anything less than enthusiasm, perhaps even sacraligious.



After a safe and enjoyable completely at the legal limit run along Shooters Hill Glen noticed one of his engine mounts had come adrift. This is somewhat concerning on a 200hp motorcycle, so we pushed the bolt back in, carried out the universal repair with gaffa tape and proceeded somewhat less enthusiasically.

2013 02 03_4456

Top bolt held in with a rock and stregically placed race tape.

Just after the Abacrombie river Nice Mr Speed3 turned up. This corresponded nicely with Glen discovering his other rear engine mount had come adrift. The retaining nuts had broken in both cases. Glen’s mechanic says they never use a rattle gun on the mounts. Make of this what you will.

holding the lower engine mount bolt in....!

We held the bolt in with an alan key and zip ties

That’s it, apart from a sedate run home. Mr Kawasaki is looking into Glen’s bike as we speak. The engine was out 18 months ago for a rebuild, but from photos we can see that the blts were in place as recently as a fortnight ago. Hmmm

2013 02 07_4537

2013 02 07_4542

Broken ZX14 engine bolts

The Redbird ran flawlessly, nice it may be, but I still have some learning to do to get the most out of it. 2000Ks in a weekend is a pretty good start though.

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