Hanging out in Hollywood

Well today was meant to be a cruisey day.  Sleeping in,  checking out late, then make our way down to Anaheim where we are staying for the next 4 days.  And just chill.

Instead we were up early and on our way to Hollywood where we spent the next 5 hours checking out the sights and stars.


Opps I didn’t take a photo of the Hollywood sign with this camera so it’ll have to wait till I get home.

We also toured Mulholland dr checking out some of the stars homes (sorry yawn but the girls loved it), saw the Hollywood sights,  cruised Rodeo Dr.  You know the normal Monday type activities.

Also caught up with a few friends.


Hangen’ with Nick.


Groovin’ with John


Taking ET out for a spin


Chilling with JT

Finally we made it to Anaheim and checked into our castle – Camelot


And went for a wander over to downtown Disney for a look before going in tomorrow.

At the Lego shop someone sure had a lot of time on their hands.


With a number of these models made up.  See the picture behind Woody … They are individual tiles.


I wonder what a model like that costs. ..? Maybe I should ask?

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