Taking in the sights of Seattle

On the ship I was asked a number of times whether I was looking forward to the bike ride later in our trip. I think there is a real danger in doing that as you wish away the here and now. The Adam Sandler movie Click comes to mind where he had a remote control that he could fast forward life only to find that he missed out on life. So I have tried to suck the most out of the here and now and not think too much about what’s coming up.

When we started talking about this trip last year it turned out that our good friends from New Zealand will be within the Seattle area at the same time. So for our next leg of our trip we have hired a nice little apartment in Queen Anne (Seattle) for the next five days and will be checking out the sights of Seattle and hanging out with friends.

For city sights I can recommend the Seattle CityPass as a great way to get a bit of a discount to a number of the popular attractions. Once you validate your ticket you have nine days to use the coupons. Well, I’m not sure if it is a race but we had a BIG day and used all our coupons in one day. We went to the Space Needle, the Seattle Aquarium, the Chihuly Garden and Glass, the Museum of Pop Culture, and then had a relaxing Harbour Cruise to finish the day. Damn that was a big day.!

Chihuly Garden and Glass – in a word. Amazing! If you like gardens and/or art these are a must see. Even if you don’t it is a must see just from the craftmanship alone it is worth the price of entry. Just spectacular.!

Glen’s rating – must see

Here are a couple of photos.

Space Needle – in hindsight we probably should have gone up the space needle first as it was pretty busy by 10am and it only got busier. However saying that it is a must-do activity in Seattle as it really is a landmark and hard to miss. There are a lot of interesting facts around the space needle like they constructed it in 100 days and poured the foundation in one day to ensure maximum strength which required over 400 concrete trucks delivering concrete on the one day.

The observation deck certainly provides great panoramic views of Seattle and surrounding areas. There is a small coffee shop on the observation deck so you can sit and enjoy a coffee while looking out over the city of Seattle.

Glen’s rating – must see

Looking downtown from the Space Needle

The Museum of Popular Culture – this was great and certainly worth a visit if you love movies or music as it has a vast collection of things from various genres of movies across horror, fantasy, and science fiction.

Glen’s rating – must see

I didn’t take too many photos of the museum as I was clearly too busy checking out all the cool stuff, but here are a few.

These three activities were all very close so it was obvious to do them all in one hit. However it was only early afternoon and someone had the bright idea to go for a walk down the pier to the see some to the sculptures which were under whelming so we just kept walking and before we knew it we were up towards the aquarium so we also did the aquarium and the harbour cruise.

The Seattle Aquarium – was it interesting, yes. Did it have some cool stuff, yes. Would I go again, no. I think that sums it up. I don’t think this is anywhere near as good as the Sydney aquarium but that’s just me.

Glen’s rating – what ever

Harbour Cruise – This was our last activity of the day … other than trying to navigate our way home on the buses from the pier which was complicted by a running event that created a lot of traffic chaos.

The cruise was a nice way to finish the day and just sit and watch the world go passed for awhile. I generally don’t think about cruises so typically we don’t go on them, however, this provided a great view of the Seattle skyline.

Glen’s rating – worth checking out

5 thoughts on “Taking in the sights of Seattle

  1. Another interesting read. I think I’d love that garden. Looks amazing. Whenever I think of Seattle I think of Dr Frasier Crane from Frasier (and Cheers). It looks a lovely city. Glad you were able to catch up with your NZ mates too.


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