Universal Studios

Today was all about the movies with a visit to universal studios.


Before we left we organised our tickets and we thought we’d splurge and get front-of-line tickets which gives you some front of line entitlements to rides and shows but when we got there this morning we upgraded further to the VIP experience.  Yes it cost more ( about double) but we got to go to the front of all lines, we did a number of special tours , we walked around actual film sets, into the prop warehouse, and ate like Kings.  It was great.

Here’s a picture of Deb and I enjoying the VIP facilities.


Emma and I taking an old outfit for a ride.


Kylie or guide took our small group to a number of Street backdrops like this one.  We also walked around the clock tower building from back to the future.


The Waterworld show was only fairly new and was entertaining.


They were all great rides and we did all the major ones and a few a couple of times.  A real advantage of having the VIP pass as a lot of the rides had wait times from 20 mins to over an hour each.

Apparently they had about 30, 000 people there today. So it was pretty busy. So the VIP passes were put to good use.

The highlights for us were the special effects show, the transformers ride, the Mummy ride,  and the Jurassic Park ride.  However the House of Horrors has to get an honorable mention for the amount of fun the park’s staff had in scaring the absolute stuffing out of Emma! !  I think she is now scared for life.

So if you do go to universal studios is recommend the VIP pass.  It’s not cheap but you do get some good privileges not available in the other packages.

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