Review: Helinox – Chair and Table

While I have a page dedicated to my camp gear I should post a few reviews of  the gear I use.

One of my favourite pieces of kit is my Helinox Chair One and Table One.

For a number of years when I travelled on the motorcycle I never took a chair or if I did it was a tripod chair as it was small and relatively light. But I really hated it – yes you’re not sitting on the ground, yes they are small and light… but they are uncomfortable and you really can’t relax into them. When I’m camping even for an overnighter I really like to have something to sit in to read a book, scroll through photos, write my blog, or just sit drinking a cuppa and just enjoying the night sky.

I remember when I finally threw out the tripod chair in disgust and hit google trying to find a suitable option. My requirements where, small, light, it had to have a back, and it had to be comfortable. I tried to work out when I bought my first Helinox product but it’s over 5 years ago and there really wasn’t a lot out there. It was really hard to find anything that fit what I was after, camping shops only had big camping chairs or tripods … nothing in between. And even my Google-fu was letting me down … I found a few options but nothing really met my requirements.

When I first found Helinox they only had one chair, the ‘Chair One’ and a few other products. And available in any colour you like … as long it was black. Now they have a lot bigger range of products and a number with different colour options. This chair was exactly what I was looking for and I quickly bought one. And have never regretted it.!


Chair One … Table One … Sunset Chair


and packed away – with a 30cm ruler in front for scale.

What struck me immediately when I opened my package was the quality, it was absolutely outstanding! I have a brother-in-law in the camping wholesale industry and when he looked at it he was really impressed and commented that all the components are the best gear.

But not only are they high-quality but they were light and small. And importantly comfortable. It was perfect.


Deua National Park NSW


Camping on the Agnew-Sandstone Road – WA


WA Coastline – south of Geraldton


90mile straight – Eyre Highway WA

An added advantage is that they are great to just throw in the car when you go away or go to outside concerts, picnics, sporting events. They are small and light and take up no room at all. You can even throw them in a backpack to carry with you. So much better than a full size camp chair.

When Helinox came out with the higher backed Sunset Chair I bought one for Deb complete with the rocking foot adapter.

While I wasn’t really looking for a table when I saw a picture on one … I just had to have it. The Helinox Table One was small and light (690gm) and matched my chair.

Overall the table was great. However, the one thing I didn’t like was the table top wasn’t stable enough to sit your cup on. Yes there were cup holders but they didn’t fit my cups. Apparently I wasn’t the only one.  A couple of years later a hard top version was released or a hard top kit to upgrade your existing table, which I purchased. Now it’s a great table.! The hardtop doesn’t make it that much bigger and overall it’s only 270gm heavier, but it makes a huge improvement.  I’d certainly recommend the hard top table.

You’re probably not meant to cook on it but the Trangia sits there fine and there really isn’t much heat directly on the table … it should be fine. Much easier than cooking on the ground, and it’s top is stable and I can now use it for a cup of coffee and not worry about it spilling.

Now it’s an essential part of my kit.  I didn’t realise I needed one until I had it.

These products are not cheap but are exceptional quality. I used to compromise and buy cheap, but more often than not I would be disappointed. I’ve also seen knock-offs of these chairs on the market but they just aren’t the quality of the Helinox.

Now I buy gear that works and lasts.

How good are they …?  Well nearly everyone I have shown has bought one.

For those not in Australia check out their worldwide distributor list here.

Helinox logo on white

5 thoughts on “Review: Helinox – Chair and Table

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  2. Nice article I have a few helinox products myself, they make some great quality products. Have you tried hitorhike camp chairs? I own six of these they are a little bit lighter but with all the same features, and will save you a few bucks.


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