2018 Honda Goldwing – Test ride

Following our US tour on the Harly Davidson Electra Glide we knew we didn’t want one of those but are interested in a more touring focused motorcycle. With the new Honda Goldwing recently released we were keen to test one of these to see if a Goldwing could be in our future.

Review – 2Up 4 2Weeks

After my last couiple motorcycle tours overseas Deb was keen to join me on my next adventure. The Eaglerider Canada Yellowstone tour fit into our schedule perfectly. This was going to be the longest motorcycle tour we have done together and the first of this nature. The route looked amazing and covered a number of iconic National Parks. This was going to be a great test of whether we like this mode of travel.

Book Recommendation – Fast Women

I was flicking through one of the tags I follow the other day and came across a blog about a book on Australian pioneering women in motorcycling and the author was being interviewed on a local motoring TV shows. The book is a really easy read and is a collection 15 different stories about women…

Lighting – Part II

The Hella driving lights were only a temporary solution until I found a better / newer driving light solution.  And with a big ride coming up in a couple of months I was keen to get this finalised.

On helmets and saving money.

Five years ago I got rear ended at an intersection and got catapulted over the bars and onto the road … luckily there was nothing coming.  Other than doing about $5,000 worth of damage to the bike, I ended up with some hero marks on my leathers from a bit of tarmac surfing and a…