Book Recommendation – Fast Women

I was flicking through one of the tags I follow the other day and came across a blog about a book on Australian pioneering women in motorcycling and the author was being interviewed on a local motoring TV shows.


The book is a really easy read and is a collection 15 different stories about women who love their motorcycles from Miss Jane Queain who in 1913 purchased a motorcycle to cover her teaching rounds and found it “wonderfully exhilarating, and impossible to describe the glorious sensation that one gets when travelling on a speedy maching.

There is a vast aray of stories of names I have not heard about, motorcycle messengers in World War 2, adventurers travelling across the Nullabor in the 1950’s or across the world.  There are stories of racers from various categories standing toe-to-toe with the blokes and showing them how it is done.  And Kim Krebs (cover photo) who in 2016 set the fastest speed for a ‘sit-on’ motorcycle (ie not a streamliner) for a female at 244mph (392.68kph).  Now that’s fast!!

If you are interested you can pickup your copy from Pitstop Online.

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