So today was about punishment.

– being punished
– cab punishment
– place of punishment.

The one thing I just don’t understand is shopping.  What is the fascination of going into shop after shop looking at stuff.  And shoes.  Don’t even get me started on that one!

Now that my girls are old enough they can generally go and do”shopping” without me.   But occasionally like a rabbit in the headlights I get caught.  Stuck somewhere in the women’s section trying to find a hubby chair,  or a way out of my private hell.


In Macy’s today I had a shop assistant come over and ask if I needed assistance.  His eyes lit up when I said yes.  “How can I help you Sir” he asked.  “How can I get my girls out of this shop? “, after a chuckle he left me.  So much for assistance.

It’s not all bad.  After being dragged into a Levis shop I walked out with two pairs of Levis for $50.


This afternoon we caught a cab to the pier, going up and down the San Francisco hills.  Talk about whiplash.  I think this cabs accelerator was a switch, on our off. There was nothing in between.  No finesse at all.


Then late this afternoon we went on an Alcatraz tour.  The tour consisted of an audio tour which was brilliant!  Going through the history, escape attempts, and other interesting facts and stories.

The night tour is supposed to be the best one.  However if we were to do it again we’d go over earlier to give more time to go through the grounds. It’s quite a fascinating place.

The Rock


The cells



and not to forget today’s hat – prison uniform hat


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