The Sights of San Francisco

Before we left home we listed and mapped all the things we wanted to see in San Francisco. I then promptly forgot to load them into my gps. Doh!

Over breakfast this morning armed only with my trusty phone I discovered a self guided tour put out by the city called the “49 mile scenic drive” which covers a lot of the city and a large number of the attractions.  All you need to do is get to City Hall and follow the signs. Easy! Just as well we also got a map from the hotel concierge as we got locationally challenged a couple of times.

I would highly recommend this tour although it would be nice to have it loaded on the gps as the signs are at each turn and usually you need a bit of notice to ensure you are in the correct lane.

Some of the things we saw today were:

– the pretty ladies – a street of Victorian homes all painted (which were used for the tv show full house).  (I’ll have to add photos from my other camera later)

– The Coit tower over looking the city.


Inside the tower were covered in murals like this one.


And the views from the tower …

Bay Bridge




Golden gate


– The street scape of some of the steep streets.  It was impossible to park at a lot of these places but here are a couple of street shots.




– The Walt Disney museum.


And due to an error in finances … today was brought to you on a shoestring budget.  We transfered money to our travel card but as we transfered it just before the weekend the money took nearly 4 days to transfer.  Therefore we didn’t go into the museum.

These are only a couple of things we drove past.

Did I mention the golden gate?



The only big thing we had planned today (and luckily we had prepaid) was a 2.5 hours Segway tour of the golden gate Park.  This included 30 minutes of training.



Here’s a picture of the girls in a young (only 100 years old) redwood forest having fun on the segways.


The guide gave us lots of great history behind the park and San Francisco.  Including the big earth quake and fires in 1906 that destroyed 80% of the city.
And a monument to those who have died from aides in the 80’s.


This was an excellent tour and I would highly recommend it.

While we were at the park we spotted this interesting bike.



Hat for the day from the Walt Disney museum.


2 thoughts on “The Sights of San Francisco

  1. Thanks for the blog Glen – great to see how it is all going – I LOVE San Francisco – though I am not a city person. Granny showed me around when I was 10, and every trip back after that is reliving memories. Love Coit Tower and Alcatraz and bridges and houses and steep streets . . and Golden Gate Park. Can’t say I have ever been to the Walt Disney Museum, so don’t know what you missed out on, but you have made a pretty good effort at the city in general! You have to get to Fisherman’s Wharf if possible . . . and eat crab and/or clam chowder and french bread.


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