Uluru – day 8

Today I made a second attempt to get out to Uluru.

Given the distances between anything are quite large the interesting thing I have noticed in the Northern Territory is that the milage posts can often refer to the highway intersection. Like today when leaving Kings Canyon the posts would be LH150 meaning Lassitets Highway.

Although I didn’t travel the entire length.  The Red Centre Way links Alice Springs,  Glen Helen,  Kings Canyon and Uluru.

On the turnoff to Glen Helen


Corner of Lassiters highway and the road that takes you to Kings Canyon.


And finally on the way to Uluru.



My first stop for the day was Curtin Springs for another tankful of unleaded fuel.  The bike will be very happy to have premium as it is starting to get grumpy after a few tankful dayss of regular unleaded.  But given the option of regular or walking, I know which I choose.


From here it’s only about 100km to Uluru.

And then you see it. From miles away looming out of the ground. It’s mesmerizing.  That image of the rock that is so familiar is just there.


My plan was to make a quick detour out to see Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) first but I am draw to Uluru in a way that I just cannot explain.


And so after a quick look and visiting the information and having a coffee in its presence I take a run out to Kata Tjuta.


And for a couple of sunset photos.



It truely is an amazing place.

Day 8 – 547km
Total – 5,500km

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