Just making it up

And then sometimes you just have to ride and make it up as you go. …

There are days when the road calls and all you want to do is sit and watch the world pass beneath you.  Just you, the road, and your thoughts.

There are other days where it’s nice to share the moment, to hang out, to chat over coffee and just enjoy the company of your partner in life.  This was one of those rides.

The plan today was to head to a small country town, grab a bite to eat, and do some more riding.  Deb hasn’t been to Young before so that seemed like a good direction to head towards.  So after an hours riding we found a nice little Cafe in Harden, to sit, sip coffee, eat cakes, chat and watch all those cars we’ve just passed go by.

Then with Young only about 30kms up the road we were there in no time.  Now what?  To soon for lunch so we popped into the local museum.


Museum at Young

This was a very interesting collection of the history of Young, with a very wide assortment of stuff, from dolls and farm equipment, early typewriters, radios and cameras.  And not forgetting War and gold rush memorabilia.

Wandering through the collection it made me wonder what would be kept of  our generation for our kids or there kids to look and wonder at.

We still weren’t ready for lunch so we headed north on a back road and as we crested a hill we were greeted with a turret and flag of a castle.  This isn’t something you’d expect to see in the Australian countryside.

With cars everywhere we decide to check out out.


This is the Iandra castle which was constructed in the early 1900s by the landowner.  Now the owners open it up a few times a year for people to come and have a look.  Today just happens to be one of those days.


Over looking the stables


And looking out from the first floor balcony out the front.


Not too shabby!  I think I need a “with drawing” room in our house.

By now it was after 3pm and lunch was starting to call.   At the castle there was a sign up for a local (ish) tavern … so we zig zagged our way across to the Calare tavern to enjoy a nice pub meal.

From here we started to head home


Enjoying the scenery of canola fields and just a great day out on the bike.



One thought on “Just making it up

  1. Thanks for sharing your day. I enjoyed the road and it’s many years since I’ve been to Young.

    We used to go there every November to pick the cherries. I’ve never heard of that castle either so will have to check it out.


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