Just Helping Out

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I help out with the occasional cycle road racing events as a motocom – ie a commassaire on a motorcycle.  So I have had quite a bit of experience in and around cyclists.  A month ago I had a call for help with an event (not a race) in Bright where they needed the help of a number of motorcyclists to roam the various routes and help out as first responders, administer first aid, and be problem solvers.  This seemed like an interesting weekend and I’m happy to help.

The road to Bright is usually a mixture of drudgery down either the Hume or Monaro highways and big grins through whatever mountain pass you choose to take.  This trip was no exception, but with the added ingredient of rain.  Lots of rain.!  At one stage my upper arms felt like pin cushions as the rain was so heavy each droplet felt like a needle piercing my skin.  By the time we stopped for lunch at Tumut my upper arms were quite red.


With constant heavy rain to Bright it was a case of hunkering down and just getting through it.  It’s times like these that you appreciate good rain gear and good tyres.  I love waterproof boots, I’d love them more if they were…!

The next morning we were greeted with sunny skies and inviting roads.  After meeting all our fellow moto marshalls in the morning I volunteered to do a recce of the bigger loop to check on road conditions after the storm and to test out the SPoT tracking system they were intending on using for the event.

Let’s see.  Go for a 250km ride on some of the best Victorian high country winding roads to check out the road conditions.  Okay, I’m happy to do that.


Heading to Mt Hotham

I was happy to report that up over Mt Hotham was clear.


Black Duck Inn – Anglers Rest

The road to Anglers Rest was nice and windy with a clear fast surface.  And in case they are needing a rest the Black Duck Inn serves a great lunch.  Just sayin’.


Following Rog to Falls Creek


Riding across the high plains

The road back up to Falls Creek has a very interesting surface and while it looks loose (and Roger was throwing stones at me) it was actually quite grippy and the route provided excellent views and cornering opportunities.

Opps sorry I’m doing this for the cyclists.  The road was fine.  However after much consideration I have come to the conclusion that a push bike is not the most appropriate form of transport for this road.  This road was made for motorcycles!  In fact this is the sort of road that my bike would dream about if my bike were to dream.

Sunday was the day of the event which had us riding up and down these glorious roads checking on the welfare of cyclists and sorting out any issues that may arise.  Overall it was a fun day out on the bike.



Sunflowers in the afternoon light

We made our way home on Monday.  This turned out to be another great day on the bike, the sun was out, the roads were smooth and winding.  The snowies never disappoint.



Geehi rest area


By the time we got to Cooma the weather was starting to close in with storm fronts approaching from the west.  This would bookend our weekend perfectly.  However, while the storms threatened and gave us a great light show we made it home just before the storm front hit. Excellent.

This was a great weekend and I was happy to help out.

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