Off the main road – Salobre

From Valancia we head across to Granada. However rather than going around the coast we are heading inland. While Spain here is fairly sparsely populated I’m amazed at some of the townships that just pop up and often they are of a significant size. What I’m not sure on is what sustains these townships. I’m wishing that I knew more Spanish so that I could find out more.

A couple of driving photos

a. regular sight on the streets of Spain. Sctooters everywhere and when you see the convenience of manouvering and parking they make perfect sense.

with my game face on

Reminders of a bygone era with remnants of castles over many hill tops.

poppies and wild flowers lining the roads

navigating Albacete

We turned off the main motorway at Albacete and rather than simply bypassing it we went into town for a look.

I’m sure that city navigating is high on the list for reasons of divorce. And this town certainly did not help as we drove round and round in every reducing circles trying to find the city centre and then a place to park. Thankfully a parking station materialised in front of us at the point where I’d nearly had enough. For my next trick … how to remember where we left the car in the labyrinth of streets. Then we just had to navigate the streets further to find our prize.

And it was a prize. A very Moorish market day with a wide range of interesting and curious things to look at and buy.

Pictures of Market

tea leaves and spices – the aroma was amazing.

When we finally found our car (I’m sure they moved the entrance!) we headed to Salobre where we would spend the night. Salobre is a small village set in the mountains with olive trees growing on the hillsides and a stream running through the centre. Just a beautiful little place.

Photos of Salobre

our accomodation for the night – Hostal Y Casas Rurales

view from our window

main street through town

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