If I’m dreaming, don’t wake me

Today as I was riding along the N260 with its ultra smooth tarmac and corners that are perfectly spaced to allow you to maintain a cornering rhythm mile after mile I couldn’t help but reflect on how lucky I am to be here and enjoying such a beautiful place in the world on a motorcycle.

Our first stop today was back in Broto for coffee – there is something about this town that I really like. After we ordered coffees we spread our newly purchased map (as ours are safely stored in my broken top box) over the table and reviewed the planned day’s ride. As it was only 180km we felt the need to add an addition 124km loop further south.

So with a new plan programmed Into the gps we set off.

In the town of Ainsa there is an interesting medieval village that is worth a look.

in the courtyard of the cathedral


From Ainsa we followed the edge of A beautiful glacier lake (man made). The colour was just mesmerising.

glacier lake

At the most southern point of our loop we stopped for lunch at a nice little cafe at el Grando. I quickly called IMTBike about my top box to see if there was any progress. After some discussion there was a BMW dealer at Llieda (Moto2) which was on 75km away so we de died to make a run for Llieda and get the top box fixed. At our current timing we should get their close to when they reopen at 4pm. As it turned out we were 15 minutes early and the mechanic came straight out and with much more ruggered finesse than we were game to apply he got it working.  So we were only in Llieda for 30 minutes and we were back under way. It was certainly good to get this fixed. One less thing to worry about. That detour added an extra 150km to our day.
A Hugh thanks to the guys at Moto2!

Moto2 at Llieda

And then on our way back to our main route we came across something we really haven’t experienced while riding … A straight road so I had to take a photo.

where’s the apex?

So after we got back onto track we went back to our normal riding pattern, climbing mountains and riding through valleys.

roads following the contours of the valley

it’s hard to believe that truck go through here.

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