Today the motorcycle market is all about niche markets – sports, hyper sports, sports tourers, tourers, cruisers, trials, trail, motocross, enduro, mortard,  adventure, and the list goes on.

Sometimes you just have to do inappropriate things with inappropriate equipuipment – be adventurous.

Today we went for a ride into the forest. One of us was on an appropriate bike and the other was just having a lot of fun.

It all started innocently enough. Pop out passed Rossi and have a look at the water wheel.

And then it got much more … interesting, with a dead end and a couple of closed roads leading us down a series of washed out muddy trails.  For an adventure bike these roads weren’t too bad. But for a big road bike these were adventurous roads.  I really don’t think Mr Kawasaki had these roads in mind when he created the ZX14. I can only imagine what the dirt bike riders must have thought with me invading their territory.

Funny these road tyres just don’t offer enough traction to lift the front wheel over pot holes or ruts. Pretty easy to slide though… Also not the best in mud. Funny that!

Go on, be a bit adventurous.

8 thoughts on “Adventure

  1. 🙂 Reminds me of the famous youtube GSXR1000 that went greenlaning in the UK. Luckily, you are more skilled. There are Goldwings that do mud trails too, in the jungle and RTW too twice (Emilio Scotto) way before Long Way Round. The bike is only as skilled as the rider. hehehe.


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