Not Happy Jan!

What’s wrong with this picture?


That’s right – my camping gear is sitting in my lounge room and not strapped to the back of my bike!

I was so looking forward to getting away on the bike this weekend, meeting up with friends in a far flung town, camping, enjoying a beer and shooting the breeze. But alas it was not to be.

Coming home from work on Friday night in the rain – I was travelling along, minding my own business when a Range Rover who was stopped in a slip lane pulled onto the road. But that was okay because he was in the left lane and I was in the right. However as I fast approached him (I was doing the speed limit and he had just started off) he changed lanes right into me.

And all of a sudden he was right there. I smashed his big drivers side mirror with my left upper arm, the bikes handlebar digging into his front guard as the bike side-swiped the car jamming my ankle between his car and my bike’s frame.  I was pushed sideways up and over the curb onto the traffic island. 30 years of riding experience keeping the bike upright. In my favour was angled curb (and not a square curb), and no road furniture to hit right there as the signage on the traffic island was further up the hill that would not have been nice to get tangled up with.

I get the fact of not admitting liability – although he clearly didn’t look before moving into my lane. What made me really angry was that he didn’t even ask if I was okay after just hitting me (a person) with his huge four wheel drive.

Not happy Jan!


I was pushed up and onto the traffic island about where Bart is standing.


His Damage



And to me and the bike


A bit of paint transfer where the handlebar weight hit the guard


scratch on fairing that should buff out


Scratched fins


Broken and cracked fairing inner. Does it hit other damage??


belly pan is cracked



And to me – a lump where I hit the mirror – yes that’ll bruise!

All things considered I came out of it pretty  well.


Not Happy Jan
– relates to a tv advertisement in Australia from the year 2000. Due to the ad’s popularity in Australia, the line entered the cultural vernacular as a catch phrase used to express a feeling of discontent.

18 thoughts on “Not Happy Jan!

  1. That sucks mate! It sounds like it could have been a lot worse and I’m glad you only had bumps and bruises and some scrapes on the bike to buff. Still, it was a perfect storm of things that worked against you this time, including the Range Rover driver’s inattention and seeming lack of basic human empathy.
    I hope you have a speedy recovery and are back out on two wheels soon!

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  2. That’s a real bummer Glen, and not that long since you had your last accident and got the new bike. You must have been some pissed off. They say accidents happen in three’s so be careful! Hope the bike can be fixed up and you’re back out there soon.

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  3. Hmm, I believed people in Australia drive more relaxed and take care about each other… I mean here in Germany we have Thousands of stupid car or whatever you call this metal boxes …drivers. Good to see that you are okay…first the wheel crash, now the hit by a car, you have a run, right? Let’s see how things are in Norway. We start our trip to the North Cape on this Thursday. Take care, Martin (Harley, Spain..)

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    • Good to hear from you Martin.

      I have to take your word on German drivers. Here in Australia the biggest problem isn’t that drivers don’t see us – it’s that they don’t look for us. In Spain the motorcycle shop said that drivers are generally pretty good towards bikes as most people ride and/or know someone who rides. I found that was fairly true.

      Have a great trip to Norway – I’d love to see some photos of your trip.


  4. Glad to hear you are ok. Car drivers in the U.S. are distracted, unaware, and just ignorant! Just yesterday I had an SUV in front of me pull off the road to the right, then proceed to do a full u turn to the left, right in front of me! Idiots! I stopped in time to avoid hitting them, but went over to the left in the middle of the traffic lane, hopped off unhurt. Idiot never even looked back. Grrr…


  5. Glad you are ok, could easy have been worse.

    For legal and insurance reasons it is important to never admit fault in any accident. Showing empathy is another matter of course. Always a tough situation but fortunate to be a minor injury.

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  6. Hi Glen,

    Back from frosty Norway…

    5500km by bikes, 3500km by ship

    Snow storm and -1°C when reached the arctic circle…


    Driving one week at temperatures between 3 – 10°C, mainly at dry weather, some rain a few more snow showers on the higher “fjells”
    …but great weather @ the North Cape


    Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

    Martin Sewcz


    • Martin – I would love to more about your trip. The photos didn’t come through on your comment. If you do do a ride report please send me a link as I’d love to see it. thanks


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