The Handbag sails again

Well here we are again sitting on a plane, off on another adventure thanks to Deb’s hard work. This time we are heading to Seattle to jump on a ship for a weeks cruise doing the inside passage to Alaska complementary of Stampin’ Up!.

Sitting in the airport in Sydney we counted up the trips we have been on and this will be Deb’s ninth Stampin’ Up! trip – a great reward and recognition for all the hard work she puts in. For me this is the eighth one I have been the “plus one” – the handbag. So far Stampin’ Up! has taken us to Hamilton Island, Fiji, Broome, Deer Valley in Utah, Hawaii, Mediterranean cruise, Thailand, and this year an Alaskan cruise. The trip I didn’t go with Deb was to the Caribbean in 2014 as Deb wanted to take her sisters on one. And instead I went on my own adventure where I went for a ride to the centre of Australia.

Like a few other trips we are tacking on a few extra weeks as our flights have been paid for to do a bit of wandering while we are here.

After 17 hours flying time (not including 1.5 hours sitting on the tarmac in Sydney as we had a faulty aux power unit), 5 hours sitting in airports and three planes we have arrived in Seattle to an overcast day. And it’s still Thursday! We won’t get much of a chance to explore the city now as we jump on the ship Friday morning, however we will have a few days after the cruise to check out the sights of Seattle.

Not many photos today as it was mainly spent on planes. Also we won’t have much signal for the next few days as I won’t be organising phones until we get back to Seattle .

Sitting in Canberra getting ready for a long day.

View from 20th floor of our hotel

Pike Street markets – yep they are just markets

Looking out the window – half way between SAN Fransisco and Seattle

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