Final Days in Seattle

Last night we were talking to our Airbnb hosts, who are absolutely lovely, and they suggested that we should also check out the Museum of History and Industry – MOHAI – which is primarily focused on a history of Seattle.

Looking at Google maps it gave a few options but the easiest and fastest option looked to be walking as it was only a 38 minute walk. I said it’ll be fine. It’ll be downhill I said. It’s only 38 minutes I said. I was wrong. WRONG.

This was the sign that greeted us at the bottom after climbing up and down a million stairs (okay that may be a slight exaggeration) – but there was a lot and we are not walking back!

MOHAI – the Museum of History and Industry reminded me very much of our National Museum in Canberra with a combination of Indigenous and European histories together. However the layout at MOHAI had a flow that built the picture of a developing Seattle from before the first Europeans until now and what happened over it’s history to explain why it is the way it is now.

The one thing the museum did very well was showcase all the inventors and innovations that came out of Seattle – and the list is quite long and surprising.

I’m glad we made the effort to go as it was certainly very interesting.



Fluke – Great precision tools, I’ve had one of their multimeters for years

Now to find another way back…!

Glen’s rating – very good – the only thing to drag the rating down was the cheesy musical explanation of the Seattle fires. Really?!

Play Ball – We wanted to do something that was very ‘merican and going to a sporting event seemed like a great way to experience some American culture. Having a look at what events coincided with our timetable had us attending a baseball game between the Seattle Mariners and the Houston Astros. I would have loved to attend a NASCAR event but there was nothing on. Next time.

We had great seats right down near the first base so got to experience it all up close. To get the full experience we ate hotdogs, ribs and beef nachos. It was fun, even if the home team lost.

Glen’s rating – all round entertainment. At times there was all sorts of things going on – oh yeah and a game of baseball was happening.

For our time in Seattle we stayed in the hills of Queen Ann which was lovely with lots of nice little shops and eating locations within walking distance … provided you don’t mind hills. When we started looking for accommodation we opted away from hotels and wanted a nice quite apartment to share with our friends.

Deb has strong Google-foo and found this place on Airbnb – link to apartment – I would highly recommend it for anyone coming to Seattle and wanting a nice place to stay for a few days out of the hustle and bustle of the city. The hosts are great and a pleasure to do business with.

Glen’s Rating – Excellent, I’d love to stay longer.

As the apartment is in Queen Ann you either need a car or be happy to take public transport as it is a little bit away from everything – except the local shops. We didn’t have a car but it didn’t take too long to master the buses as there is a bus stop right out the front which is really handy. I didn’t find a paper map of the route until our last bus trip – that would have been handy on the first day. And the bus website was horrible to use on a phone as I couldn’t find an app. They really need an App. However, the bus drivers were all very helpful so that made it easier.

Glen Rating – Very Good. Seattle is an easy city to get around and public transport is reasonably cheap.

Well this is our last day in Seattle for tomorrow we are on a big Harley and heading north.

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  1. The museum looks fascinating and Seattle is certainly an interesting city. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed your stay. Now enjoy your bike ride and stay safe please.

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